Integrating Tanabata with the Dark Agenda Challenge
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So I've been thinking a lot about the Dark Agenda Challenge (see [community profile] dark_agenda for more details) and the various conversations around fandom in the past year about Race Fail and chromatic sources/characters. This post discusses some of the problematic things that have come up with writing fic for Asian sources specifically, which are issues that are likely to come up in our exchange as well.

Now, I don't particularly want to add additional requirements to our exchange, like, "Your fic has to have an accurate portrayal of the chromatic source and characters," as that could get problematic for many reasons. I also imagine that [community profile] dark_agenda will still be around and may issue another challenge for participants in Tanabata — which would probably be more effective, so that the people wanting to participate in the challenge can, but nobody will be forced to, and that way we avoid some of the problematic modly issues like determining what's an accurate-enough portrayal of a culture.

However, I have been thinking about what we can do resource-wise to help and encourage our participants to stay true to the culture of their source, and to celebrate East Asian culture in general, since one of Tanabata's goals is community-building. Here's one thing I've come up with and would like your feedback on.Collapse )

About the Site
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I have not actually gotten this question yet but I anticipate we'll get it as soon as word starts to spread.

Q: Can I sign up for an account on the website yet?

A: If you've taken a look at the website, you probably noticed that it's running on a CMS, and that you can sign up for an account. Yes, you can go ahead and do so if you want, though it doesn't allow you to do much of anything yet. Signing up for an account does NOT mean you are signed up to participate. It just means you have an account on our website, that's all. However, we'll be sure to send an e-mail out to all the registered users to let them know once we get close to doing fandom nominations and participant sign-ups. So, if you're not going to be following the LJ comms, registering an account is a good way to make sure you stay in the loop.

Just FYI, expect your account username to be your participant username, but it does NOT have to be the same as your AO3 username (if you have one) or one of your pseuds.

Q: What kind of things are going to be on the site?

A: If you check out the post here, you'll see that stories are going to be on the AO3, but I am not yet completely decided as to whether sign-ups are going to be on the site or on AO3. Aside from that, however, as I mentioned before, I want us to have a central hub and information repository that's a little more useful than the Yuletide site is now.

Here's the features it has already, and some things that are in the works.Collapse )

If you think of other things that would be useful to have on the site, please don't hesitate to let us know.

"What fandoms will/won't be eligible for Tanabata?"
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When we were first discussing foundtranslated, we were discussing how we want the criteria for fandom eligibility to be a little different from yuletide's.

Q: What fandoms will/won't be eligible for Tanabata? What are the criteria?

A: The focus of this exchange is still supposed to be on small/obscure fandoms, but I do want to revisit the definition of a "small fandom". I'm still working this out, and I am by no means settled on an exact definition, but here's what I'm thinking so far:
  • Anything that has over 1000 fanfics on FanFiction.Net will be ineligible; HOWEVER:
  • Amnesty will be granted to fandoms whose official run ended at least 10 years ago (in the country of origin), if it can be proven that there is little significant fandom activity (eg. few active communities and forums) and that the fanfics being produced in that fandom are only drabble-length and/or lack quality, originality and diversity
  • Members of a franchise will be considered as separate fandoms as long as they have a significantly different set of characters and/or a widely divergent plot
  • There will be no provision of, "We'll allow this fandom for a year because it's new." IMO Glee should not have been eligible for Yuletide, and FFXIII, for example, won't be eligible for Tanabata.
  • FanFiction.Net story counts will only be considered as a base guideline, and eligibility/ineligibility will also be determined based on other factors such as active LJ/DW communities and forums.
A more detailed explanation of what this actually means below the cut.Collapse )

Without going into too-specific discussions of specific fandoms (I'll set up a post for doing that later), let me know what you think of these rules and whether it's effective in defining small fandoms without precluding those that are old and may be small now. As I said, I am by no means settled on this, and am totally open to a better set of rules.

ETA: I just want to add that the purpose of this particular post is mostly to discuss the definition of 'small' fandoms, separate from 'obscure' fandoms. If there's an fandom that you know is obscure that meets the other criteria of our ficathon (basically, it was created in Japanese, Korean or Chinese, and/or its origins is in East Asia), it will definitely be eligible.

"Will Tanabata stories be posted on the AO3?"
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This is a question I've already gotten from several people, so I figured I should post it here before doing anything else.

Q: Will Tanabata stories be posted on the Archive Of Our Own?

A: The short answer is — yes. The long answer is behind this cut.Collapse )

Open For Business
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All right, consider this your signal that you can officially start pimping out tanzaku and Sign-ups for the challenge won't be starting until May/June'ish, but I am interested in recruiting people who are interested in helping figure out all of the logistics of the fic exchange beforehand. In a week or so I'll also be announcing some volunteer opportunities to become an official staff member — most likely, 2 other admin positions and at least 3 mod positions will be available.

Before we proceed, let me explain a little bit more about the structure we have here.

Unlike Yuletide, where the site is now really only the place where sign-ups happen (and even that will be disappearing in the future), I really wanted a site that's kind of like a central hub of information. In the past couple of years, some of fandom has moved from LJ to DW or other places, so I want to make sure that everyone has equal access to a place that contains the most important information related to the exchange. It also has some other nifty features.


As you can probably guess, this is the Tanabata counterpart of yuletide_admin; only the admins have posting access, and only the most important announcements will be posted here (and cross-posted to the site). If nothing else, you should add this one to your Watch list, and you'll be kept up-to-date of important happenings.


This is the main LJ community; the Tanabata counterpart of yuletide. It's the only one of our LJ comms where everyone has posting access. You can engage in discussions, ask questions, organize brainstorming sessions, find the other people in your fandom... whatever. From now until the process is actually going to kick into full gear in mid-April, this is where I'll periodically be posting ideas and things I'd like feedback on as we work out the logistics of the exchange.
Just FYI, if you're wondering what's up with the name — yes, it's a little inconsistent with all the other Tanabata names. Unfortunately tanabata and tanabata_wishes are both taken. I'm trying to see if I can get in touch with either of those people to see if they'd be willing to give up their usernames, at which point I'd use a rename token to rename this account. (Tanzaku, by the way, are the paper strips hung on trees during Tanabata to make wishes.)


I'm not 100% sure how this will be used yet, because overall an e-mail list is probably still most effective for taking care of pinch hits. However, one of the reasons the Yuletide pinch hit e-mail list is effective is because it's been around for years and has thousands of people signed up for it. I don't know if our list is going to be that big, and therefore whether pinch hits will be able to be filled as fast. As such, we might cross-post both to the comm and the e-mail list. At the very least most likely we'll post announcements there when a big wave of pinch hits is about to go out, along the lines of, "Open your e-mail inbox and get ready. A set of 20 pinch hits is going out in 15 minutes." — so people get a little bit of advance warning.


This is kind of like a hybrid combination of the pinch hit system, the once-yearly beta sign-up post in Yuletide, and the hippo system in Yulechat. There'll be a once-yearly sign-up for general beta services (spelling, grammar, etc.), and then anonymous calls for fandom-specific betas. This is in part because I don't know if we're going to have a Tanabata chatroom like Yulechat for Yuletide where a hippo system can evolve. (Basically, there has to be a demand for the chatroom and because this is the first year, I have no idea if that demand is going to be there.)


I'm not sure if we're going to use this at all, but it'll be there if we decide we do have a use for it.

Tanabata on Twitter

We probably won't use this very much until things kick into full gear in April, but once we do use it, we'll be posting announcements there, and reminders of things like "The sign-up deadline is in 1 hour!" etc. We might also use this to answer general support questions.

If you have any questions, please check out our FAQ, the other posts here in tanzaku and tanabata_admin, or comment below.


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